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Pat's homage to artists and world leaders.


Pat Boone Sings Guess Who?

Remembering when he met Elvis and admiring his growing talent and the good songs that came his way, Boone recorded a tribute album in the '60s called "Pat Boone Sings Guess Who?" It was ahead of its time --- Boone's fans were not ready to hear him sing Elvis' songs and Elvis' fans were not ready, either. Elvis liked it though. They were friends, two Tennessee boys from modest circumstances who made good.

R&B Classics: We Are Family

In 2006, over 51 years after Boone's Billboard chart debut with "Two Hearts, Two Kisses," his "R&B Classics: We Are Family" appeared on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart at #86, securing his likely unbeatable position as having the #1 all-time longest chart career (51 Years/5 Months/2 Weeks). The CD featured Boone's duets with R&B stars like James Brown, Smokey Robinson, Earth, Wind and Fire and Sister Sledge.

We Are Family Album Cover.png

Pat Boone Sings A Tribute to the Ink Spots

His 2012 studio album release, "Pat Boone Sings A Tribute to the Ink Spots," is an easy-going, jazzy collection of R&B history with ten all-new covers of the renowned quartet, featuring the 10-time Grammy Award-winning group Take 6.

Under God

Pat Boone's "Under God," a response to the attempt to remove the 2 words from the Pledge of Allegiance, went to #15 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Under God.png
Israel O Israel Video Cover.png

Boone also recorded and produced a 72-minute scenic video filmed in Israel, "Israel O Blessed Israel," featuring Pat singing 15 hymns and Gospel songs. And in "Love Letters to God and Country" Pat presents two DVDs on God's plan and purpose for Israel and the United States.

Thank You Billy Graham Video Cover.png

More recently Pat teamed up with Grammy-winning Rock artist David Pack and Country star Billy Dean to write and produce "Thank You, Billy Graham," a one-of-a-kind heartfelt tribute to the life and ministry of Reverend Billy Graham. The world's leading entertainers came together to pay homage to this American hero. Guest appearances included Larry King, Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Reb McEntire, Kenny Rogers...and many more!

After realizing that the United States National Guard was the only branch of the military without its own song, Pat Boone wrote "for My Country." The project evolved into a 52-minute documentary that takes you on a journey of the rich history of the United States National Guard and culminates with a beautifully filmed and emotionally charged music video tribute to fallen heroes and the brave soldiers who continue to stand tall for our country.

Other "message" projects included "Wish You Were Here, Buddy," a pro-troop record that was a Country hit during the Viet Nam ware time, followed by "What If They Gave a War and No One Came?" and "The Hostage Prayer," a please for Iranian hostages that incited prayer by millions. "Let Me Live," a pro-life record, featured children's voices and was widely played on Christan and Country radio. "Can't We Get Along?" was based on Rodney King's famous query after his serious beating by some LA police.

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